Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eh, My Heart Paining La

And there's never any rain when you want it
A hollow little game and you've won it
Looking for a thrill, but you've done it all

Hollywood Is Not America - Ferras


Liverpool 4 - 4 Arsenal. How good was that match eh? Intense. The people I watched it with were also awesome. Hilarious comments throughout the match. We actually watched the first 10 minutes with no sound, because we could not figure out what was wrong with the tv. Hilarious shit.

I think I'm in love with the library. I've been going there a lot these past few days. Something about it lets me do my work. Such a difference, compared to doing work at home.

And I was on a roll today. Not roll like, egg roll or Spanish green tea jam tart kiwi roll, but, well.. you know. Roll. Managed to do two assignments in one night, which is saying something, as I believe in the procrastination aspect of life. A 2000 word essay, and an 8 minute edit of a documentary, all done in the space of 4 hours. Fuyoh, memang sah editor melayu. I'm not too sure of the essay though, so I'm going to look at it again tomorrow, but I think it's decent enough.

Many assignments were due right after the study break, and it was really getting to me. Clutter in the brain, clutter on the computer. Before my assignments were submitted, my desktop was a mess:

desktop ss

After submission:

desktop after

Week is going good!

Oh! And...

perth cold

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