Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'll Lift You Till You're Fine, Do You Want To Live In Now or Later?

We may not get a second chance
It's not all out of my hands
Now is not gonna catch me by

Another Layer - John McLaughlin

And life can bring you to your knees

This week has been pretty nutty, with almost every night spent out till late, procrastination ruling my life, bad results screwing it up, and the looming prospect of final examinations and messed up lecturers does nothing to make it better.

So anyway, I've succumbed to the tablecloth culture, with the purchase of a hoodie (actually, thank you Lisa for the hoodie). Yeah, damn I've mentioned it before where my words come back and haunt me. Well, whoop dee doo.

Eh, go away!

Spent the majority of Wednesday hanging out with Kin Meng and Meph at the Curve and Cineleisure. Then Andrew popped by, and we wasted more time on the steps of Cineleisure and his office. And we played with Kin Meng's camera. A lot.

Oh, woe is me.

And again.

You can't get my face!

Oh, I made this kid cry. Hahahaha. Funny story.

Well, I want to say much much much more, but just thinking about it makes me all depressed and angry and whatnot. Gah! Damned assignments and results. It's a wonder I'm not all bald thanks to the stress.

/slit wrist

PS: Hope the Coffee and sweet put a smile on your face. It did, for me (okay, I don't know why, but it did. Sorta kinda)

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