Friday, December 26, 2008

It Comes And Goes, And I Have No Control

Some days I wanna, and some days I don't.
Sometimes I can feel it, and suddenly it's gone.
Some days I can tell you the truth, and some days I just don't.
Only a change of mood, sun goes down, someone says something to quick or to soon.
A touch not made, one made to late, armies of words can not hope to contain.

It Comes and It Goes - Dido


First of, I'm sorry for neglecting this space for quite some time. I've been caught up in work, and to be frank, that's what is mostly on my mind, ever since I started. I've been neglecting more than just this space, I've been neglecting my life, my family, my friends. It's not something that I do purposely, it's just that for now, my priority seems to be getting the job done.

Second, a very happy christmas to those that celebrate it, and to those who don't, well, a happy new year then. This year things were slightly (well, not really slightly, more like extremely actually) different compared to previous years, but it was an experience that I'm sure I'd be glad I had in times to come. And so it is.


I'm now an editor, and I'm editing an episode of OIAM3, so it's been eating into my life ever since I was given the task. Even before that, I was absorbed with the production, going to locations to shoot and help out. This is what has been eating up my time, though I admit I could have made time for my life. But again, it's just that work is on my mind most of the time.

It's a sad thing to need to be told to meet with friends, and unfortunately I've stooped low to that level. I mean, I don't purposely choose not to go out with you guys, it's just that I seem to be unable to put much in front of my work, in terms of priority. I try to make time, and I did, though not as often as you guys would've like. In that sense, I'm very sorry.

I missed a few Christmas gatherings, both by friends from college and also friends from work, all because of the episode. I didn't do it without a heavy heart, but the reluctance to go and not try to complete my edit was there. I don't blame the episode, in fact I don't blame anything, save maybe for myself for getting caught up in work, but then again, from one point of view, that could be seen as passion, in a sense. Production is in my blood.


Kau boleh acuhkan diriku
Dan anggap ku tak ada
Tapi takkan merubah perasaanku

Aku Mau - Once

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